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Viking Strongest Team

Archived Competition - This competition has occured.
Date01/11/2015 10 AM
RegionNorth West
WebsiteNone given
Submitted ByStrengthSpartan

Competition Information
Pairs event where you are only as good as the your teams partner.

There will be four categories

Joint male and female
Heavy weight males


Event 1
Yoke and farmers medley
Partner 1 runs the yoke 20m partner 2 runs the farmers back 20m to finish

Male Yoke 200kg Farmers 120kg
Females yoke 130kg farmers 70kg
Joints yoke (male) 200kg farmers (females) 70kg
Heavies 350kg yoke 140kg farmers

Event 2
Viking Press
Tag event Partner1 does as many reps as they want then tags partner 2 to complete as many as they can! You can tag in as many times as you want for max reps in 90seconds joints go alternate male log female viking press

Male 100kg
Females 60kg
Joints log (male) 80kg viking (females) 60kg
Heavies 160kg

Event 3
2 bars. Partner 1 lifts first rep followed by partner 2 to complete 1 team rep. As many reps as possible in 60seconds

Males 200kg
Females 100kg
Joints male 200kg females 100kg
Heavies 280kg

Event 4
Farmers hold
2 lots of farmers walks each partner holds a pair total time gives team time!

Males 120kg
Females 80kg
Joints (male) 120kg (females) 80kg
Heavies 150kg

Event 5
Atlas stone over yoke
Partner 1 lifts stone over yoke partner 2 throws it back over to complete one rep! Total reps in 60seconds joints have two separate yokes to throw stone over one at a time once stone hits floor second partner goes so forth!

Males 105kg
Females 50kg
Joints (male) 105kg (females)50kg
Heavies 150kg

Entry fee is 30 per team and no refunds. Payments made through PayPal to vikingsgymwearuk payment only secures place please include tshirt sizes and also team name

Viking Strong hold the right to change any event or weight at any time.

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Archived Competition - This competition has occured.
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