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Enlglands Most Powerful Man 2012

Archived Competition - This competition has occured.
Date09/06/2012 11 AM
RegionSouth East
LocationGravesend Promenade/Kent
PostcodeDA12 2BS
WebsiteNone given
Submitted Byseankamo
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Competition Information
Englands Most Powerful Man 2012:

Official uk strongest man under 105 2012 qualifier

June 9th and 10th  Gravesend Promenade, Kent

Event organiser - marc cherry 07809676999

Sponsored by Mazda

Entrance fee:15
Big cash prizes and trophies for 1st,2nd,3rd places
Huge Funfair and family attractions

Novice Saturday 9th

Event one
100kg farmers 15 metres then flip a 350kg tyre 4 times 75 secs

Event two
Axle clean and press 90kg
For reps 60 secs

Event three
Arm over arm Mazda 4x4 15 metres 60 secs

Event four
Car deadlift 240kg reps 60 secs

Event five
Atlas stones
90kg 100kg 110kg 120kg 130kg 60 secs

Englands most powerful man under 105


Event one.....
Farmers and tyre medley
125kg farmers 15 metres then flip a 400kg tyre 4 times.....75 secs

Event two......
120kg log for reps......60 secs....

Event three.....
Mazda car deadlift
260kg for reps 60 secs....


Event four......
Car walk 300kg 15 metres 60 secs.......

Event five......
Crucifix car hold longest time wins......

Event six......
Pressing medley......
70kg dumbbell 105kg oly bar 120kg log and 130kg axle..... 75 secs......!

Open event (sunday 10th june)

Event one
150kg farmers 15 metres
400kg tyre 4 flips

Event two
140kg log for reps 60secs

Event three
Car deadlift 300kg reps 60 secs

Event four
Super yoke 400kg 15 metres 60 secs

Event Five
Carry and load 3 x 130kg barrels 1 x 120 kg ironmind sack

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Members Who Attended
Competitors - andyallfrey shane28 rob105 JFL Villa_Ste squats_rule GOONA Alex25 ros1816 tonyr12487 TomParkes89 MattRich jonboy pawellech sinden90 dawiduk
Spectators - Tassotti
Officials/Loaders - None
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Archived Competition - This competition has occured.
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